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The Language Learning Unit (LLU) is the most visible face of internationalisation at Keele University.
Language is inseparable from communication. Sadly, not many of us now learn a language in order to decipher ancient texts. In academic life it is all too easy to overlook how we can apply and practice what we learn outside the university. Academic success is clearly important, but by communicating to others what we have learned, not only in the classroom but through sharing our own experiences in “the real world”, we can also be the voice of internationalisation and even experience a sense of enjoyment in the process.

So, whether you are brushing up on your English for academic study, studying for a qualification to teach English, learning a modern foreign language or just interested in language and communication, we hope that this Blog will provide interesting posts and food for thought.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Kyoto Study Tour 2016

Our 19 students from KUFS-- the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies-- will be here at Keele for a 3-week programme of homestay, English classes, British cultural studies, trips and an introduction to UK university life.

Click here to find out about what they've been up to and how they feel about their experience so far.

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