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Language is inseparable from communication. Sadly, not many of us now learn a language in order to decipher ancient texts. In academic life it is all too easy to overlook how we can apply and practice what we learn outside the university. Academic success is clearly important, but by communicating to others what we have learned, not only in the classroom but through sharing our own experiences in “the real world”, we can also be the voice of internationalisation and even experience a sense of enjoyment in the process.

So, whether you are brushing up on your English for academic study, studying for a qualification to teach English, learning a modern foreign language or just interested in language and communication, we hope that this Blog will provide interesting posts and food for thought.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Anastasia Vakoula reflects on her 4-week experience this summer at the University of Nebrija, Madrid:

A great opportunity, a unique experience and a chance to get to know the Spanish language, people, culture and civilization from the inside. 

We visited so many places, met incredible people, was hosted by a Spanish family and was taught by crazy Andalusian teachers. We were speaking Spanish all day long, and really enjoyed it.

We visited places like Avila and Toledo, and explored the most we could in Madrid. We went at the Gay Pride, we saw Picasso’s Guernica at the Reina Sofia Museum, we visited the Prado Museum, where we saw El Greco’s paintings and went for a picnic in Retiro, Madrid’s biggest park with a lake, where you can rent a boat, and the beautiful Crystal Palace. Learned how to cook paella and realized how openhearted the Spanish people are. We were walking as much as possible, enjoying the sunny weather and admiring the city’s stunning architecture. I could totally move there. In love with Madrid.Visit Spain.Adios Amigos! Hasta luego!

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