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Language is inseparable from communication. Sadly, not many of us now learn a language in order to decipher ancient texts. In academic life it is all too easy to overlook how we can apply and practice what we learn outside the university. Academic success is clearly important, but by communicating to others what we have learned, not only in the classroom but through sharing our own experiences in “the real world”, we can also be the voice of internationalisation and even experience a sense of enjoyment in the process.

So, whether you are brushing up on your English for academic study, studying for a qualification to teach English, learning a modern foreign language or just interested in language and communication, we hope that this Blog will provide interesting posts and food for thought.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Festivals all over the World

Festivals, with both ritual and festivity, are present in cultures all over the world. They mark the change of seasons and important milestones in life such as birth, coming of age, marriage and death. They may also be in honour of a person or an event, which  had an impact on the life of that culture.
Winter is approaching,  and those long and dark nights make us feel like staying at home. But festivals at his time of year provide colour and warmth,  and the opportunity to go out and meet other people.     
Guy Fawkes Night has passed with a literal bang, and illuminated the clear skies all around Keele.  I personally find it  strange that the discovery of a  plot against the government centuries ago has become institutionalised as a cause for celebration.
Perhaps there are other festivals with stranger origins. Many festivals have been celebrated for so long that people have forgotten why. 

It would be interesting to hear your stories about other festivals with unusual origins…

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